The institute has its own computer centre with 90 Modern state-of-the-art computing facilities and other supportive systems within client-server & Thin Client environment. The computers are supported by advanced software. It also delivers the system and technical service to all departments within campus through fiber network. Computer centre has an 100 MBPS internet link facility through radio from Amdavad centre and live wireless connectivity within campus and broadcasting for Sadra centre of vidyapith.

Intranet Resources Development

System management module developed for administrative and academic task of the department as well as campus. Systems are developed to ease the work of Students, Faculty and Administration department. computer centre inhouse developed or customized application for administration, technical and research purpose and which is run on IIS as Intranet portal development which run on : and deployed application.........

  • Technical Support System (For computer Maintenance)
  • Student Attendance System ( For CSRM Department)
  • Document Management System (For Faculty and Student Purpose)
  • Online Examination System
  • Information System (For Student educational and faculty administration)
  • Internship/placement Management System
  • I-Card and Student Management System
  • Assets Management System ( Computer and peripherals )
  • Student Address book (CSRM Students)
  • Event Management System (Department Activities)
  • Student Management System (Resource)
  • Faculty Management System (ongoing)
  • Research utility Linkage
  • Faculty Portal
  • Content for competitive examination
  • Gujarat Vidyapith Portal Link

Departmental Website

Website provide all the information regarding MBA in Rural Management Programme including CSRM activities for all online users.

Alumni Website

Co-ordinator, Development and Management of Alumni website of CSRM tagged as

System Support

Role and responcibility of System Development and Management of computer centre, ICT infrastructure & Technical services at Randheja Campus.

Module and Documentation Development for the department.

Computer Practical and MIS responsibility of the Department.

Security administration and maintenance.

Network Administration for Computer Centre and for campus networking.

Computer Maintenance and Network Management of the Randheja campus.

Faculty Training to Teaching Staff.

Management of Library automation through SOUL.

Management Financial administration of campus through Tally.